I want some applications to run on my OS X. But they cant be ran due to they are only for Linux. How can I have a Linux shell on my OS X? I mean how can I have a seperate Linux shell and a OS X terminal on OS X?

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    the osx terminal runs bash. the linux terminal is bash. They are the same unless you are somewhat atypical and pick zsh or csh one one of the few others. What do you mean by "only for linux". Certainly there are differences between the two operating systems, but if you're talking about shell scripts they are largely the same. Jun 12 '16 at 21:49
  • Aha thank you. How can I have a Linux kernel on my OS X? I dont want dual booting. @bryan-oakley
    – Behdad
    Jun 12 '16 at 22:00
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    Mac OS X has different commands from those found on Linux. It also doesn't have features such as the /proc file system that Linux has. If your shell scripts use portable commands portably, you should be OK. If they're tied to Linux-only functionality, they'll fail. You can use VMWare or similar systems to run Linux in a guest o/s on Mac OS X. Jun 12 '16 at 22:22

It depends on your use specific use case:

  • To run GNU utilities (as found on Linux systems) alongside the mostly BSD-based OS X utilities on OS X, install them via Homebrew; note that installing alongside entails that the GNU utility names are g-prefixed to avoid shadowin the stock OS X utilities; e.g., GNU ls is installed as gls; also note that OS X's Bash is still v3.x:

    • brew install coreutils ... most of the GNU utilities (installed g-prefixed)
    • brew install gawk ... GNU Awk (installed as gawk)
    • brew install findutils ... the find utliity (installed as gfind)
    • brew install gnu-sed ... GNU Sed (installed as gsed)
  • To run commands in an isolated, bona fide Linux environment inside a VM (using Bash v4.x), install Docker and then install, e.g., an Ubuntu image (docker pull ubuntu).

    • With the Docker environment loaded (open application Docker QuickStart Terminal.app), you can then run docker run -it ubuntu bash to enter an interactive Bash shell on Linux.

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