Chrome is auto-filling the credentials, but not log me in until I click login. How to automate? (windows, non-google websites).

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Using the Chrome Identity API you can have Chrome (on desktop and Android) automatically attempt to log in the user when they hit your page, even if their session has expired.

Following is a workflow diagram of how it works, but the details can be found in the Google Authentication API: Let the user automatically sign back in section:

Workflow example


It is not the browser's responsibility to auto-login to websites. This is the responsibility of the website you are accessing. The browser can remember form data and auto-fill for you, as can various extensions like LastPass.

However, in order to actually auto-login, you must first login to the website you are trying to access and enable the option they provide, often called 'Remember me?'. The website would typically use a cookie to store the credentials (securely with a hash + salt), and if the cookie still exists (not cleared from the browser or expired), and the hash of real password in database matches the one in the cookie, the website will auto-login.

You could force the browser to try and auto-login with extensions, which are essentially macros. You could try Auto Login or iMacros extensions for this. I would generally avoid this though.

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    Any way to click submit button automatically? like VBScript or batch file, i.e, without extensions? or any chrome settings flag...
    – Dr.PB
    Jun 13, 2016 at 15:18
  • This isn't what the user was asking for. They're asking how to automatically click submit on websites that don't have an autologin feature. Auto Login or iMacro are ok suggestions, but you should give more detail about why you don't recommend them.
    – Robert M.
    Jan 13 at 17:39

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