I have a container and some rows. I give them margin-top with the * + * selector which works fine:

> * + * {
    margin-top: 1em;

The Problem ist when I have columns inside this rows - how do I dynamically detect the last "row" of columns (kitten images) in my example with only css to delete their margin-bottom? I don't think there is a proper solution but maybe someone could tell me an alternative way to do this. Here is the pen:


(Bootstrap grid).


Your lobotomized owl do not act on kittens margin because of >.

Just replace margin-bottom with margin-top and add


to remove margin-top from first 4 elements.


Also I changed 1em with 2em to keep vertical / horizontal margins equal.

  • Why didn't I saw this xD - Yes, this is a very good solution! Only drawback is that I have to know the number of columns in a (gallery-) row (in this case 4). But I think there is no better solution so thanks a lot! Jun 13 '16 at 11:19

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