I have two PDF files that are reporting as corrupt in the most current version of reader. The owner of the file is generally clueless as well but the timestamps are from November 2009. But I have no idea what's in these files aside from text. It may be mixed text/images or the result of a scan with OCR applied. I'm going to try some of the third party readers (like Foxit) to see if I have any better luck but while I'm downloading and installing those, does anyone have a suggestion or a tool that has had better than average results?


This could just be a compatibility issue with the program that created the PDF, or it could be a sign of something more nefarious, such as an embedded Trojan or virus. If the data is not sensitive, you could try uploading it to Google Docs or similar online service and see if it renders there. Otherwise, you could try some of the suggestions in this post:

Detect if PDF file is correct (header PDF)

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