I use PhpStorm for a while now, and it's code inspection and syntax highlighting is great! To further extend this feature, I am looking for a way to alert myself of 'debug functions'. I frequently use functions like var_dump(), exit() or echo '<pre>',print($var),'</pre>'. Unfortunately, I also frequently forget these when deploying some code.

Is it possible to add custom highlighting in PhpStorm for some defined functions with the Inspection-feature, so I am visually notified that some debugging-code is still present? Or a plugin or other feature to accomplish something like that?

  1. Install and use Php Inspections (EA Extended) plugin

  2. Once installed -- Settings/Preferences | Editor | Inspections

  3. One of the inspections this plugin provides called Forgotten debug statements -- find it there (hint: there is a search field -- use it)

  4. This inspection will highlight some standard debug related functions + you can add your own function names.

P.S. This inspection works with PHP functions only -- it will not find constructions like echo '<pre>',print($var),'</pre>'.

BTW -- why don't you try Xdebug/Zend Debugger for a proper debug experience?

  • Absolutely. I would also suggest using judicious logging (which can naturally throttle down to bare-bone minimum when deployed to the production environment). I compose-in log4php : it works well for me.
    – YvesLeBorg
    Jun 14 '16 at 1:49

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