I'm trying to automate the install of Xcode on an OS X machine. I've come across this question that got me most of the way.

The script given in the second answer gets the appropriate dmg mounted, and then uses installer to install the pkg. Except these days (e.g. version 7.3.1) Xcode is given as an app bundle inside the dmg, so there is no pkg to install. So I tried to simply copy it to /Applications via

cp -Rf /Volumes/Xcode/Xcode.app /Applications/

The resulting Xcode in my /Applications folder is 9.1 GB. But if I simply rename that bundle, manually open the dmg, and then drag & drop Xcode onto the Application shortcut, I end up with an Xcode that is 10.51 GB in size. Yet when I ask opendiff to compare the two, it tells me the contents are identical...

Does dragging & dropping from a dmg do something else under the hood, besides simply copying the app into /Applications? If so, is there a way to achieve the same via the command line?

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