Diffing two user ranges in Google Sheets, this works in console but doesn't work in the sheet. Can someone please explain why?

function DIFF(a, b) {
  return a.filter(function(v){
     return b.indexOf(v) === -1 ? true : false;

When you pass a range to a custom Sheets function, it gets either

  • a single value, if the range consists of one cell, or
  • a double array otherwise. Even if the range is one dimensional: for example, you get [[1], [2], [3]] for a column range or [[1, 2, 3]] for a row range.

Your DIFF function assumes that the arguments are ordinary arrays of values. So you need to flatten double arrays, or turn a single value to an array. This is what the function flatten does.

function flatten(arg) {
  if (arg.constructor === Array) {
    return arg.reduce(function(a, b) {
      return a.concat(b);
  else {
    return [arg];

Then DIFF can be like this:

function DIFF(a, b) {
  a = flatten(a);
  b = flatten(b);
  return a.filter(function(v) {
     return b.indexOf(v) === -1;

(Aside: ternary operator : ? true : false was redundant here, so I removed it.)

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