curl -v 'something.com:12684/CAB/keyfile?r=ORE_0&t=VOD&p=1'

returns a 200, but using

curl -v something.com:12684/CAB/keyfile?r=ORE_0&t=VOD&p=1

returns a 400. Why do the quotes matters?

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    1) That's how shells work. 2) You can use escapeshellarg() and PHP will do it for you 3) You don't need command-line curl anyway, PHP has built-in curl functions Jun 14 '16 at 12:29

Your URL has characters your shell recognizes as special. Most likely, the &, which is the signal to UNIX-ish shells to place the command in the background. So you effectively are executing three commands:

curl -v something.com:12684/CAB/keyfile=?r=ORE_0

You're not seeing any shell error output, because the last two are valid shell constructs.

Always quote your arguments. If in PHP, use escapeshellarg. Better, use the curl built-in or a third-party library like Guzzle.

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