Is there any keybinding in VSCode that can hide Explorer, like Ctrl+Shift+E works for showing it?

I hate reaching for the mouse and i don't have enough screen space to keep Explorer always on.

Thank you.


Toggle Sidebar Visibility: Ctrl+B

Visual Studio Code Key Bindings

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    Also works in Ubuntu (18.04) – Alexander Nied Oct 21 '18 at 16:50
  • I had to resign shortcut priorities, because on my Mac CMD-b was assigned also to "Navigate Next in Quick Open". – petzi Jan 8 at 12:23

If you're a MacOS user, then it's + b.

I won't leave you without a GIF.

shortcut for mac VS Code

Before you ask, it's the 🦄 Shades of Purple VSCode theme for VSCode.pro.


Some clarification: usually Ctrl+B is used for closing a sidebar (not toggling by default). So if you haven't a sidebar and want to open it - press the following combination: Ctrl+Shift+E(opens the sidebar with active explorer) or Ctr+Shift+F (with active search) etc. Now if you want to get rid of a sidebar press Ctrl+B. Note if you're using vim plugin and want to close a sidebar but currently is working on your code - first make a sidebar active by pressing (Ctrl+Shift+E) and then close it via Ctrl+B.


I'm using Visual Studio keymap. On my keyboard shortcuts, Toggle Side Bar Visibility was set to CTRL+B but doesn't works.

I do remap to CTRL+B and works fine.

File > Preferences > KeyBoard ShortCuts


I have to say CTRL+B stands for calling out the sider bar.

To hide the sider bar, you should type: CTRl+\


VSCode default Keybinding for Toggling "Side Bar" aka "Explorer" is CTRL+B. Just CTRL+B alone works fine.

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