I am developing a web-app using zend framework. I like how all the autoloading works however I don't really like the way Zend_Controller names the controllers by default. I am looking for a way to enable zend_controller to understand my controller class named Controller_User stored in {$app}/Controller/User.php . Is there anyway I can do this with least amount of extra code?

This is certainly not a step-by-step answer, but I believe you can accomplish what you want by subclassing the standard dispatcher class, and making a few changes to the functions that deal with the controller directory and controller objects. ZF Ref Guide - Subclassing Dispatcher

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a subclassed dispatcher ( quoted from http://cslai.coolsilon.com/2009/03/28/extending-zend-framework/ )

class Coolsilon_Controller_Dispatcher 
    extends Zend_Controller_Dispatcher_Standard { 
    public function __construct() { 

    public function formatControllerName($unformatted) { 
        return sprintf( 
            'Controller_%s', ucfirst($this->_formatName($unformatted)) 

    public function formatActionName($unformatted) { 
        $formatted = $this->_formatName($unformatted, true); 
        return strtolower(substr($formatted, 0, 1)) . substr($formatted, 1); 

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