I am using One-signal API for notification . I want to get user Id from there API ,below is my code .

function setNotificationPermission()
    var id ;
          OneSignal.push(["getUserId", function(userId) { 
          console.log("OneSignal User ID inside:"+ userId); 
            id = userId;
         console.log("OneSignal User ID outside:"+ id);
         window.parent.postMessage("Player ID"+id, "http://example.com");

and i am getting answer as below

OneSignal User ID outside:
OneSignal User ID inside: f39fd4f1-406f-4c96-8365-5a471f77da3d

because method which i am calling of one signal is asynchronous so my window.parent.postMessage() method get executed before getting response . please tell me how to handle it? means how to wait until my OneSignal.push() get call completely


Because OneSignal's getUserId() operates asynchronously, your setNotificationPermission() must also operate asynchronously. This means setNotificationPermission() must "wait" for getUserId() to complete before being able to reply.

OneSignal's getUserId() function accepts a callback and returns a Promise, so you can either:

  • Option 1: Call postMessage() inside the getUserId() callback: OneSignal.push(["getUserId", function(userId) { window.parent.postMessage(userId); });

  • Option 2: Call postMessage() when the getUserId() Promise resolves: OneSignal.push(function() { OneSignal.getUserId() .then(function(userId) { window.parent.postMessage(userId);
    }); });

The first option is the most straightforward. The first option calls postMessage() after the user ID has been retrieved, in the callback to getUserId().

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