As pointed out here the progress bar of npm slows down the whole installation progress significantly. The solution given is to disable it

$> npm set progress=false && npm install

The question I have, is it possible inside a project to set something (in package.json for example) such that I can omit progress=false on the command line and simply can do $> npm install and obtain the same result as above?


Add the following to a file called .npmrc in your project root folder:


It is also possible to place this file in your home directory: ~/.npmrc

Learn more about NPM config.

You can also do this on the command line:

npm install --no-progress
  • how to enable back with npm install command? npm install --yes-progress ?
    – Joao Paulo
    Jun 22 '20 at 16:29
  • @JoaoPaulo: npm set progress=true or just don't mention the --no-progress or set progress=true in .npmrc. Either of these would work.
    – Surya
    Jun 7 at 14:56

in the later version of npm you can use

npm install --no-progress

see https://docs.npmjs.com/misc/config#progress


While the op's and selected answer probably work well, my issue was different : some build steps in package.json explicitely included --progress, which was just making my Jenkins builds slow and ugly.

I removed those with a simple sed before executing npm install :
sed -i 's#--progress##g' package.json

Of course, if I had had write access to, it might have been better to remove the --progress argument directly from the sources files.

Anyway, I hope it will help.

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