Is there a way to automatically import all hidden functions from a package, ie functions accessible only with package:::fun ?

Indeed I have brought some modifications to a given function which uses quite a lot of internal functions and I want to avoid retyping package::: everywhere.

I looked at loadNamespace base function but it does not attach the non exported ones.

  • Can you give some more background? Is, e.g., creating a branch of the package and building it with your modifications an option? – Roland Jun 15 '16 at 10:39

Ok I finally found sort of a hack using this related post and eval:

# get all the function names of the given package "mypack"
r <- unclass(lsf.str(envir = asNamespace("mypack"), all = T))

# filter weird names
r <- r[-grep("\\[", r)]
r <- r[-grep("<-", r)]

# create functions in the Global Env. with the same name
for(name in r) eval(parse(text=paste0(name, '<-mypack:::', name)))

I would have thought there were some prebuilt function to do this anyway.

  • thanks for pointing this out. this is because of some wired names (don't know what these functions are), you should add some filtering, see my edited answer – ClementWalter Jun 15 '16 at 11:49

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