Installed pypdfocr and ghostscript via pip installation. But, when the pypdfocr is run in the command prompt:

[env27] C:\Users\888537>pypdfocr Hotel.pdf
ERROR: Could not find Ghostscript in the usual place; please specify it using your config file

Requesting for help as to what needs to be done to link these libraries?

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You can install Ghostscript directly via installer given on their page - https://ghostscript.com/download/gsdnld.html

After that, you need to set environment variable.

Add a new system variable:

Variable: GS_PROG

Value: Full path to the location of your gswin64c.exe file (in your GhostScript installation directory – the default location is C:\Program Files\gs\gs9.21\bin\gswin64c.exe, but this may vary depending on where you installed it)

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