I have spring boot application (1.3.5.RELEASE) which is packaged as a jar file and i would like to have the jdbc drivers in an external libs folder. So i am using the PropertiesLauncher which searches for external jar files.

It works fine when using java -jar -Dloader.path=lib/ but is does not work inside the Intellij IDE. Its a Maven project which is imported into Intellij.

Any hints for me?

  • How are you launching your app in your IDE? Jun 15, 2016 at 12:30
  • I have a run configuration for it. The loader.path parameter is present in the application.properties file and is also set as VM option. It is starting the main class in my project. Jun 16, 2016 at 14:41
  • When you say "the main class" do you mean your application's main class or PropertiesLauncher? Jun 16, 2016 at 14:57
  • Yes, i mean my own class with the @SpringBootApplication annotation. Jun 17, 2016 at 19:20

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Following the answer of Andy I thought I will post how I did resolved it:

  1. I've added a profile for the dependency

  2. I activated the profile on Intellij on the maven tab

    Activation on IDE

  3. Changed the configuration according to andy Run Configuration

NOTE: Intellij Ultimate 2018.3. It will mark the Configuration as Invalid, but it works :)

I hope to help someone.

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    Thanks for your amazing answer, it helps me a lot. Apr 23, 2020 at 22:25
  • Thanks for this! I am able to add my application.properties this way (my spring profiles are now loaded which are specified in my application.properties outside the jar), but I'm not able to open any other resources. For example, I have a x-something.properties file also located in the loader.path but that's not added to the classpath. Any idea how to fix that?
    – GieJay
    Apr 13, 2021 at 18:03

When you use PropertiesLauncher it sets up a class loader with the contents of the configured loader.path and then uses this class loader to load and call your application's main class. When you launch your application's main class directly in your IDE, PropertiesLauncher isn't involved so the loader.path system property has no effect.

It is possible to use PropertiesLauncher in your IDE but it'll require a bit of extra configuration. You'll need to configure a run configuration that has spring-boot-loader and your application on the classpath that launches PropertiesLauncher. You can then use the loader.main system property to tell PropertiesLauncher the name of your application's main class.

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