Question about external_pid_file configuration option of PostgreSQL: would the additional PID file be checked for shut down instead of postmaster.pid?

What I could find is:

# If external_pid_file is not explicitly set, no extra PID file is written.
external_pid_file = '/var/run/postgresql/9.4-main.pid'          # write an extra PID file

Usually, if postmaster.pid becomes corrupt or is removed, the server shuts down with

performing immediate shutdown because data directory lock file is invalid

Thus the above question about the behaviour. Appreciate your feedback.


The external PID file is not used for anything. It's just there so that if someone wants a PID file in, say, /var/run/, they can do that easily. But if you remove that external PID file while the PostgreSQL server is running, you won't get the immediate shutdown behavior.

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