I tried the suggestions given in the comments on this blog - http://blog.danlew.net/2015/11/02/sharing-code-between-unit-tests-and-instrumentation-tests-on-android/

but the file cannot be read by the Android tests; unit tests work perfectly fine.


sourceSets {
    String sharedTestDir = 'src/sharedTestHelpers/java'
    String sharedTestAssetDir = 'src/sharedTestHelpers/assets'
    test {
        java.srcDir sharedTestDir
        assets.srcDir sharedTestAssetDir
    androidTest {
        java.srcDir sharedTestDir
        assets.srcDir sharedTestAssetDir

TestCreator class:

public class TestDataCreator {
  public static String readFromFile(String fileName) throws IOException    
    return FileUtils.readFileToString(new    
    File("src/sharedTestHelpers/assets/" + fileName));

Project Structure:

Project structure

Any pointers?


For instrumentation tests you should use Android APIs to read files from the assets folder.

If the file you want to read is in the assets folder of your test application (this is the case in your example) you have to use the Context of the test application. The test application context can be resolved trough InstrumentationRegistry.getContext():

// Opens an InputStream for the file src/sharedTestHelpers/assets/test.json InstrumentationRegistry.getContext().getAssets().open("test.json");

If the file is in the assets folder of the app you need to use InstrumentationRegistry.getTargetContext():

// Opens an InputStream for the file src/main/assets/app.json InstrumentationRegistry.getTargetContext().getAssets().open("app.json");


After lot more digging into this my observation

Unit test can access this because it does not run in android .

For Android test that is problem because

  1. Android Test in AVD/Device
  2. If you look into your apk (by making as testApk.zip and extracting it) there is no folder like /sharedTestHelpers/assets/ there is only asset folder
  3. So for accessing asset folder you need "Context" for accessing context in test you can use


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    Thank you. You are right. So I did follow the solution stated in the link above and it worked fine. – Nazneen Jun 19 '16 at 11:13

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