In a CakePHP Plugin documentation there is the following code line: $validator->provider('upload', \Josegonzalez\Upload\Validation\DefaultValidation::class);

\Josegonzalez\Upload\Validation\DefaultValidation is the namespace, but I didn't understand the ::class. Could someone explain it? I didn't find anything in PHP documentation.


the class constant simply returns the full name of the class (with namespace) as a string. So instead of passing as string to some method that requires it, you pass it the PHP way. It just looks nice, for example:



$validator->provider('upload', '\Josegonzalez\Upload\Validation\DefaultValidation');

Both Are Same

And another advantage of this is that, if you need full class name several times in a single file.. say onto multiple method calls as a parameter. You can simply use it on the top & then only the classname will return the full name with namespace. like this:

use \Josegonzalez\Upload\Validation\DefaultValidation;

$validator->provider('upload', DefaultValidation::class);

//you can use it on other places as well, if required.

So, in short, it reduces the number of characters you need to type, and makes your code look cleaner.

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    Also such usages can easily be changed via automatic refactoring, wich usually doesn't work well with strings (if at all).
    – ndm
    Jun 16 '16 at 8:10

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