Where are custom extensions installed in Visual Studio? I know you could get path though ExtensionManager.GetInstalledExtensions(), however it seems none of the paths found corresponds to my extension.

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Extensions (if deployed as VSIX) will be installed to the user´s profile; each extension will be installed into a folder with a random name, for instance:


If you want to obtain the package installation path at runtime, you can obtain that information from the assembly that defines the Package class.

static string GetAssemblyLocalPathFrom(Type type)
    string codebase = type.Assembly.CodeBase;
    var uri = new Uri(codebase, UriKind.Absolute);
    return uri.LocalPath;


string installationPath = GetAssemblyLocalPathFrom(typeof(MyPackage));
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    In the case that you can't find your extension in the folder describe above (like me), there are also "administrative extensions" which can be found here: <Visual Studio installation folder>\Common7\IDE\Extensions\ – Mark Spiezio Nov 2 '17 at 17:49

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