Hi guys im having a hard time on how to get the sum of a given date in TotalSold column. I have here PartNumber, TotalOrder, TotalSold and POUnitCost. How can i filter the date of TotalSold,since the date of it is located in another table named SO_SalesOrder. Thanks!


select  PartNumber = (select name from base_product as PROD where prod.prodid = POL.prodid), 
        TotalOrder = sum(POL.quantity), 
        TotalSold = (select sum(SOL.quantity) from so_salesorder_line as SOL where SOL.ProdId = POL.prodid), 
        PoUnitCost = max(POL.UnitPrice)                      
from PO_Purchaseorder_line as POL
where POL.purchaseorderid in (
    select purchaseorderid 
    from PO_purchaseorder as PO 
    where orderdate >= '5/1/2015')
group by POL.prodid
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    What RDBMS do you use? Looks like MySQL. – gofr1 Jun 16 '16 at 7:45
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    And the question is? – Thorsten Kettner Jun 16 '16 at 7:46
  • hi its MsSQL maestro, i want also to filter the date of TotalSold – Christine Jun 16 '16 at 7:51
  • You mean that so_salesorder_line has a date column which shall be >= '5/1/2015', too? – Thorsten Kettner Jun 16 '16 at 7:53
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    Please edit your question to include the relevant tables DDL statements, some sample data and desired results. Also, decide if it's MySql or Sql-Server and remove the wrong tag. – Zohar Peled Jun 16 '16 at 7:58
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Join so_salesorder_line with so_salesorder so as to be able to access the date.

By the way, use ISO date literals instead of ambiguous dates strings. ('5/1/2015' could mean May 1 or January 5 depending on the current setting in your DBMS.)

Here is the part to get the TotalSold (for the 1st of May - change this to '20150105' if you want the 5th of January instead.)

TotalSold = 
  select sum(SOL.quantity) 
  from so_salesorder_line as SOL 
  join so_salesorder SO on SO.salesorderid = SOL.salesorderid
  where SOL.ProdId = POL.prodid
  and SO.orderdate >= '20150501'
  • I'm glad it does :-) However, see my last comment to your request; the query doesn't look correct. The TotalSold refers to a product, but the POL.description refers to an order position. That seems queer. Your result rows should either be products or order positions. – Thorsten Kettner Jun 16 '16 at 10:33
  • Hi sir I've already chaged it. Thanks to u ;) – Christine Jun 16 '16 at 11:19
  • Hi Sir I've notice that there's are still wrong in the results, I tried to revised it and i think ive got the right query. :) – Christine Jun 17 '16 at 9:12

I think working with joins is much easier and clearer. Try this one:

    select po.orderdate, POL.description, 
    prod.name as PartNumber 
    sum(POL.quantity) as TotalOrder, 
    sum(SOL.quantity) as TotalSold, 
    max(POL.UnitPrice) as PoUnitCost                     
    from PO_Purchaseorder_line as POL
    left join so_salesorder_line as SOL on SOL.ProdId = POL.prodid
    left join PO_purchaseorder as PO on POL.purchaseorderid=PO.purchaseorderid
    left join base_product as PROD on prod.prodid = POL.prodid
    where po.orderdate >= '5/1/2015'
    group by po.orderdate, POL.prodid,prod.name
  • hi sir thanks. i also want to filter the date of TotalSold – Christine Jun 16 '16 at 8:10
  • @Djacks007: Working with joins is much more prone to errors in the first place :-) When working with aggregates from different tables, then join the aggregates not the tables. With a product having several records in POL and SOL for a date, you would multiply values and get incorrect results. – Thorsten Kettner Jun 16 '16 at 8:13

I revised it and got the correct result.


TotalOrders = (Select(Select sum(quantity) from PO_PurchaseOrder_Line  as POL 
LEFT JOIN PO_PurchaseOrder PO ON POL.PurchaseOrderId = PO.PurchaseOrderId
        where POL.ProdId = BASE_Product.ProdId AND orderdate >= '20140101')),

PoPrice = (Select max(UnitPrice) from PO_PurchaseOrder_Line as POL where POL.ProdId = BASE_Product.ProdId ), 

PoExRate = (Select ExchangeRate from PO_PurchaseOrder where PO_PurchaseOrder.PurchaseOrderId = POL.PurchaseOrderId) ,

UnitCost = (POL.UnitPrice) * (Select Round(ExchangeRate, 4) from PO_PurchaseOrder where PO_PurchaseOrder.PurchaseOrderId = POL.PurchaseOrderId) ,

TotalSold = (SELECT SUM(SOL.quantity) FROM so_salesorder_line AS SOL 
   LEFT JOIN so_salesorder SO ON SO.salesorderid = SOL.salesorderid
   WHERE SOL.ProdId = BASE_Product.prodid AND SO.orderdate >= '20150101') 


FULL JOIN PO_PurchaseOrder_Line as POL ON BASE_Product.ProdId = POL.ProdId

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