I need to add some url's to sitemap. As stated in this answers special characters should be escaped. The problem is


So I have param ///'''...\\\,,,!!!"""№№№;;;%%%:::???***((()))___++ for model.

I've tried to do escaping using spring uri utils encode method, this is its output:


As I understand this is legal url, but when I enter it to browser bar I'm getting response code 400 Bad Request.

I've also tried to encode using java's URLEncoder.encode(..) method, below its output:


As you see it's not escaping asterisks (***).

So I'm really confused by now. Does spring encode the right way and the output of his method should be considered as legal url ? If yes, then why browser fails to make a request ? If no, what utility should be used for this purposes ?

  • Just to be sure, are those two + at the end of the url correct. I'm assuming this is some sort of a test, but all the other characters are repeated exactly 3 times and this one just twice, so could that be the problem? – Teemu Ilmonen Jun 16 '16 at 11:14

At the end I used Spring URI Utils encode() method and add explicit check for slashes (both / and \), so the part after the /model/ would not contain them.

Basically slashes are reserved special characters that split the url into parts and even if they will be encoded a lot of software operates with them in a special way.

For example if you use nginx in front of your app it might return Http 400 status code unless you made additional configuration.

If you use tomcat it is also has an option to use encoded slashes in url:


Or if your app build on Spring MVC framework it also might have a problem with them.

Basically it needs a lot of configuration.

So my advice would be to think before allowing use of this special characters as a part of url.

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