I think many people have done some similar development tasks before:

I would like to check the people's email address whether only match @tomtom.com or @stream.com.

Currently, I have two solutions in my mind:

  1. Using indexof() function

    var checkTomTomEmail=eo.data.username.indexOf("@tomtom.com");
    var checkStreamEmail=eo.data.username.indexOf("@stream.com");
    if (checkTomTomEmail >0 || checkStreamEmail >0 )
        //Run the login code
        //Please login with your tomtom or stream email 
  2. Using match

    var patt1=/@tomtom.com/gi;
    var patt2=/@stream.com/gi;
    var checkTomTomEmail=eo.data.username.match(patt1);
    var checkStreamEmail=eo.data.username.match(patt2);
    if(indexOf(checkTomTomEmail)> 1 ||indexOf (checkStreamEmail)>1)

I still think I do not consider all the detail yet. Any suggestions?

  • Does this have to be javascript? Are there security concerns? If someone wanted to bypass this its trivial.. – m.edmondson Sep 24 '10 at 10:47

Perhaps if people are only allowed to enter emails for those two addresses you should only collect the username and then allow them to choose @tomtom.com or @stream.com using radiobuttons.

If you still want to go the javascript route then your regex can be combined into a single statement

var emailPatt=/@(tomtom|stream).com/gi;

  • that will too much customziation in our vendor system. THansk Evil Anday, what do u think the match solution? – QLiu Sep 24 '10 at 10:33

How about this...

var emailRegex = /^([0-9a-z])+@(tomtom|stream)\.com$/ig;
if (emailRegex.test(emailRegex)) {
    // Login

Instead of performing a .match(...) - Which you'll get a string back, we can perform a .test(...) to see if anything matches.

This pattern guarantees the following:

  1. The "username" part of the email address must at least have a SINGLE character (For example, a@stream.com)
  2. Username must be composed of a digit or an alphabet (Upper/Lower case - Doesn't matter because of the /i at the end)
  3. Input must contain the entire email address without leading or tailing spaces. For example, " user@tomtom.com " will fail, it'll only accept "user@tomtom.com".)

You can customize this further by, saying, making sure username must have at least 3 characters, you can use underscore or dashes in the email address, etc.

To answer your question, both solutions won't work. Reasons:

  1. User can enter "tom@tomtom.com Hello", and it'll pass both of your validation.
  2. Specifically on solution #2, the dot '.' is a Regex-reserved character, it means it'll match anything, so, if the user enters " @tomtom1com", it'll pass...

More on Regex: http://www.regular-expressions.info/reference.html

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