I have problem with mysql database. I can't import a database from my friend. I need some help.

SET time_zone = "+00:00";


Unexpected beginning of statement. (near "phpMyAdmin" at position 0)
Unrecognized statement type. (near "SQL" at position 11)

#1064 - Something is wrong in your syntax obok 'phpMyAdmin SQL Dump

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    Something is wrong in your syntax – Jose Llausas Jun 16 '16 at 15:15

There´s nothing wrong with you syntax, but probably with your file: most likely the file was edited and the text-editor (of course Windows notepad.exe) was too clever and added a BOM on saving.

Remove the first 3 bytes (HEX: EF BB BF), save the file without it (either use a hex editor or use PSPad and switch format to UNIX), and the importer should have no problem anymore.

The BOM fools the importer, the first - gets eaten and the importer no longer recognizes the first comment as such. Wikipedia about BOM:

File comparison (w/o BOM)


I encountered exactly the same problem. Apparently, you use a version of phpMyAdmin which has bugs in the import module (in my case it was phpMyAdmin packaged in Wamp 3.0.4). More precisely, it interprets comments (valid syntax with space after --) as SQL code. This is the case at the beginning of a dump created by phpMyAdmin: it typically starts with

-- phpMyAdmin SQL Dump

which explains your error message.

The import module of phpMyAdmin was not able to parse escaped single quotes either (see https://github.com/phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin/issues/11721).

There are many possible workarounds to this problem:

  • Update phpMyAdmin
  • Use another tool to import your DB dump, for example MySQL Command Line or MySQL workbench
  • Less advisable: execute the contents of the .sql file as a query in your current version of phpMyAdmin (it has fewer bugs)
  • Less advisable: strip all comments from your .sql file

windows notepad and other editor, change encoding of file. for change it to utf-8 open your file with "notepad++" and use Encoding menu then select UTF-8 now save your file

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