I want to show the Visits for the current day on a homepage. That page is tracked with Piwik.

How to use the API with PHP to get the (unique) visits and hits for today so that I can show them somewhere on the page

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$result = file_get_contents("http://mysite.com/piwik/?module=API&method=VisitsSummary.getUniqueVisitors&idSite=1&period=day&date=today&format=php");
echo unserialize($result);

Maybe it's later answer but...

A few days ago I wrote a new plugin for Piwik which displays total visit and views on image for custom site for custom date range.

For more information please visit http://киноархив.com/en/others/notes-on-html-jquery-php-mysql/10-piwik-graphical-counter.html

and post any information about bugs here https://github.com/Globulopolis/Counter/issues

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