One of the things I've been using dapper for is to convert XML data coming from our database into strings and then deserializing it within the given object the way I need it.

I came across something today where dapper returned a list of strings containing the XML only it was split up. Is this intended? Should I be coding around this if I'm expecting a single string of xml to be returned?

Here's how I'm calling the proc and if you execute the proc, it returns a single result containing XML data, but dapper is returning 2 strings in the result. If I concatenate them, then I get back what I'm expecting, but this doesn't seem like it's something I should have to concatenate.

var result = conn.Query<string>(procName, parameters, commandType: CommandType.StoredProcedure);

EDIT: Per comment request, here is the stored procedure and example data that is being returned. This only occurs once the XML data reaches a certain size. Smaller batches of XML data do not cause this to happen. The example provided here should be enough data to trigger it to happen.


   (SELECT ClassificationItemID AS '@ID', GroupCN AS '*' 
      FROM UserGroup WITH (NOEXPAND)
       FOR XML PATH('Group'), TYPE)
   FOR XML PATH('Groups');

Result XML

  <Group ID="4">SomeGroupName</Group>
  <Group ID="9">SomeGroupName</Group>
  <Group ID="2">SomeGroupName</Group>
  <Group ID="553">SomeGroupName</Group>
  <Group ID="447">SomeGroupName</Group>
  <Group ID="435">SomeGroupName</Group>
  <Group ID="395">SomeGroupName</Group>
  <Group ID="489">SomeGroupName</Group>
  <Group ID="468">SomeGroupName</Group>
  <Group ID="408">SomeGroupName</Group>
  <Group ID="455">SomeGroupName</Group>
  <Group ID="443">SomeGroupName</Group>
  <Group ID="524">SomeGroupName</Group>
  <Group ID="414">SomeGroupName</Group>
  <Group ID="430">SomeGroupName</Group>
  <Group ID="423">SomeGroupName</Group>
  <Group ID="511">SomeGroupName</Group>
  <Group ID="482">SomeGroupName</Group>
  <Group ID="154">SomeGroupName</Group>
  <Group ID="236">SomeGroupName</Group>
  <Group ID="244">SomeGroupName</Group>
  <Group ID="367">SomeGroupName</Group>
  <Group ID="547">SomeGroupName</Group>
  <Group ID="134">SomeGroupName</Group>
  <Group ID="309">SomeGroupName</Group>
  <Group ID="26">SomeGroupName</Group>
  <Group ID="128">SomeGroupName</Group>
  <Group ID="335">SomeGroupName</Group>
  <Group ID="322">SomeGroupName</Group>
  <Group ID="164">SomeGroupName</Group>
  <Group ID="190">SomeGroupName</Group>
  <Group ID="30">SomeGroupName</Group>
  <Group ID="121">SomeGroupName</Group>
  <Group ID="276">SomeGroupName</Group>
  <Group ID="260">SomeGroupName</Group>
  <Group ID="83">SomeGroupName</Group>
  <Group ID="71">SomeGroupName</Group>
  <Group ID="591">SomeGroupName</Group>
  <Group ID="358">SomeGroupName</Group>
  <Group ID="179">SomeGroupName</Group>
  <Group ID="113">SomeGroupName</Group>
  <Group ID="148">SomeGroupName</Group>
  <Group ID="299">SomeGroupName</Group>
  <Group ID="209">SomeGroupName</Group>
  <Group ID="229">SomeGroupName</Group>
  <Group ID="8">SomeGroupName</Group>
  <Group ID="54">SomeGroupName</Group>
  <Group ID="40">SomeGroupName</Group>
  <Group ID="3">SomeGroupName</Group>
  <Group ID="1">SomeGroupName</Group>
  • I believe it has something to do with Dapper Streaming API. Could you provide more information of the stored procedure? – supertopi Jun 17 '16 at 11:19
  • @supertopi updated the answer to include more information. – akousmata Jun 17 '16 at 15:25
  • What database are you using? Dapper shouldn't do that; but the database itself might. – Jonathan Allen Jun 17 '16 at 17:30
  • @JonathanAllen MS SQL 2008 R2, perhaps there's a setting I could check to see if we're doing something differently than other servers? – akousmata Jun 17 '16 at 19:00

To read your XML from the stored procedure, you would use the SqlCommand.ExecuteXmlReader method which returns rows of 2,033 characters. This is by design. I haven't looked at the Dapper code, but from my testing, It appears that Dapper has implemented this which is very cool.

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  • I believe that what you are suggesting is incorrect. SqlCommand.ExecuteXmlReader returns the entire xml stream, not rows of characters. msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/… I don't see anywhere in Dapper's code where they are retrieving an xml stream. If they were then you would be correct and my issue wouldn't be happening. – akousmata Apr 18 '17 at 19:36

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