I want to be able to delete all the keys. Is there a way to flush all in node redis?

Redis client:

client = redis.createClient(REDIS_PORT, REDIS_HOST);

Perhaps flushdb or flushall are options that you can look into.

In Node, with the client, these look like this:

client.flushdb( function (err, succeeded) {
    console.log(succeeded); // will be true if successfull
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    flushdb will flush keys from selected database, flushall - will flush keys from all databases. – Lukas Liesis Aug 8 '17 at 14:15

Starting from Redis 4.0.0 or greater, you can now delete all keys asynchronously using FLUSHALL [ASYNC]. Using the client, just pass the 'ASYNC' option to the command like so:

client.flushall('ASYNC', callback);

Use FLUSHDB [ASYNC] to flush keys from a selected database. Use FLUSHALL [ASYNC] to flush keys from all databases.

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