This code:

pub type Foo<T: Read> = fn(bar: T);

yields error E0122 (in newer versions of Rust, it is only a warning):

An attempt was made to add a generic constraint to a type alias. This constraint is entirely ignored. For backwards compatibility, Rust still allows this with a warning. Consider the example below:

trait Foo {}

type MyType<R: Foo> = (R, ());

fn main() {
    let t: MyType<u32>;

We're able to declare a variable of type MyType<u32>, despite the fact that u32 does not implement Foo. As a result, one should avoid using generic constraints in concert with type aliases.

Is it possible to create a type alias that contains trait requirements on a function pointer? Obviously the compiler is telling me no for types, but didn't know if there was another option for functions that I wasn't thinking of.

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    This doesn't seem to be possible, as the error says. Experimenting with Fn(T) as well didn't get me anywhere. Jun 17, 2016 at 8:25

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At this time, it does not seem to be possible and no workarounds exist.


For anyone still curious about this as of Rust 1.47.0 it is still not possible but it looks like you get a nice little warning message with a description and suggested alternative. e.g.

pub type PublishQueue<T: From<Message>> = (tokio::sync::mpsc::Sender<T>);


note: `#[warn(type_alias_bounds)]` on by default
help: the bound will not be checked when the type alias is used, and should be removed
| pub type PublishQueue<T> = sync::mpsc::Sender<T>;

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