Similar to my other issue with Auto-Calculation, when I use the mobile app I need round number's only and nothing else. In saying that, at the moment I get 1.05 instead of 1 using the code below and Math.ciel(), I really need it to round to the nearest whole number with absolute no decimal places.

var rc1FrontMM = Number(Apperyio("rc1FrontMM").val());
var rc1RearMM = Number(Apperyio("rc1RearMM").val());
var rc1TyreRatio1 = Number(Apperyio("rc1TyreRatio1").val());
var rc1TyreRatio2 = Number(Apperyio("rc1TyreRatio2").val());

var rc1TyreRatio1 = (rc1RearMM / rc1FrontMM).Math.ceil(num * 100)/100;
var rc1TyreRatio2 = (rc1RearMM / rc1FrontMM).Math.ceil(num * 100)/100;

Apperyio('rc1TyreRatio1').val(rc1TyreRatio1.Math.ceil(num * 100)/100);
Apperyio('rc1TyreRatio2').val(rc1TyreRatio2.Math.ceil(num * 100)/100);

console.log(rc1TyreRatio1 = (rc1RearMM / rc1FrontMM).Math.ceil(num * 100)/100);
console.log(rc1TyreRatio2 = (rc1RearMM / rc1FrontMM).Math.ceil(num * 100)/100);

So far, it seems to work beautifully except I still get decimal's without rounding to the nearest whole number.


Edit: 3:20pm 17/6/16 AEST Using Javascript only due to limitations of Appery.io platform (as explained prior, this wasn't my first choice, it was the client's choice).


Why don't you use the toFixed(x) method? It'll round down or up to the nearest integer if you use x = 0.

  • To be honest, Hadn't thought of that, I will give it go and let you know. Thank you, – Tech-Xcellent Jun 17 '16 at 7:26
  • To get the final result to display correctly, I had to use the Math.ciel & toFixed(x) together and it work's a charm :) Thank you. – Tech-Xcellent Jun 19 '16 at 8:30
  • No problem. Glad it worked. :) – Subjective Effect Jun 19 '16 at 11:31

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