Both the Solace queue and my program are subscribing to #LOG/INFO/SUB_ADD/DEVICE/ID/123. When a new device which connects and subscribe to DEVICE/ID/123, both of them can successfully receive the subscribe event.

But, if I set subscription as #LOG/INFO/SUB_ADD/DEVICE/ID/>, only the solace queue receives the event.

Why can't my program receive the subscription event? The problem persists even after my program sets it's subscription to #LOG/>.

  • Please confirm that there are 3 separate devices here. The queue on the router, your custom program listening to "#LOG/>" and a third device that connects and subscribes to DEVICE/ID/123. – Russell Sim Jun 20 '16 at 8:16

One possible problem here is that there is an ACL rule preventing your application to subscribe to one or more topics in #LOG/INFO/SUB_ADD/DEVICE/ID/>. This can be easily verified with show log acl subscribe-topic.

If this is not the case, please revert back with the CLI outputs of show client <client-name> stats detail and show client <client-name> subscriptions to look further into the issue.

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