How can I convert this query to Entity Framework Query?

select Price,
    select Cost.Title 
    from Cost 
    where Cost.CostID= CostItem.CostID
) as nameCost
from CostItem 
where ItemID= 11
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    Please never just post SQL and ask for conversion. At least show a class model so navigation properties and the multiplicity of associations are visible. Also, show your own first efforts. They clarify more to us than you might think. – Gert Arnold Jun 17 '16 at 7:49
  • ok, thanks for your reminding. – samin.hma Jun 17 '16 at 10:40
var result = dbContext.CostItems
    .Where(item => item.ItemId == 11)
    .Select(item => new { Price = item.Price, nameCose = item.Cost.Title })

Just make sure you have you relations in entity objects properly set up


Your query can also be written with a LEFT JOIN:

    NameCost = c.Title
FROM CostItem ci
    ON c.CostID = ci.CostID
WHERE ci.ItemID = 11

Converting this to Linq using C#, you get:

var t =
    from ci in CostItem
    join c in Cost on ci.CostID equals c.CostID into lc
    from c in lc.DefaultIfEmpty()
    where ci.ItemID == 11
    select new {
        Price = ci.Price,
        NameCost = c.Title

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