I am trying to work in the playground. But can not execute even the simplest code like

print("hello world") 

I am getting an error saying:

failed to launch stub for playground execution: error: could not find a process named Untitled Page

(Untitled Page is the name of my playground page)

yesterday everything was working fine. I already cleaned the module cache of Xcode, removed derived date.... Restarted my mac, opened and closed Xcode .... error still remains as it is. Please help! I am using Xcode 7.3 and OSX 10.11.3

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The problem was gone after I updated to 7.3.1 Xcode.

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    I just had the same problem on Xcode8, but I just quit Xcode and opened again and the problem just went away – Honey Oct 4 '16 at 19:21

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