I have an XML like this:


This is the response of a service I'm calling and testing with rest-assured. Based on a provider ID, I need to extract the country id. In the case above, for the id=1 I need country_code = 10. (It's the same for id=2, country_code=10).

I saw that rest-assured uses groovy syntax to traverse the xml document, but as I have no experience with groovy I'm stuck.

I was trying something like this (with a hardcoded ID):

path.getList("countries.country.findAll{country -> country.providers.provider.id == '1' }.country_id", Integer.class);

to return the id of countries a provider with id 1 is active in, but this does not work.

Can you please give me some hints?


If more than one country can match, it'd be safer to do something like:

countries.country.findAll { country -> 
  country.providers.provider.any{ it.id == '1' }

Otherwise, it could simply be:

countries.country.find { it.providers.provider.any{ it.id == '1' }}.country_id
  • This is awesome, thank you! – TamasGyorfi Jun 20 '16 at 7:27
  • glad to help :) – kunal Jun 21 '16 at 9:13

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