I am facing this issue.i google it but find the solution moving the project to short path but i want to know why android cannot handle this.

Error: File path too long on Windows, keep below 240 characters : E:\ccavenue\Seamless\Integration Source Code\ccavenue-mobile(OTP-Auto Read Kit)\TestOTPAppNew\app\build\intermediates\exploded-aar\com.android.support\appcompat-v7\23.3.0\res\drawable-xxhdpi-v4\abc_textfield_search_activated_mtrl_alpha.9.png

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    The error message says it already: keep below 240 characters – mjn Jun 17 '16 at 11:31
  • gradle works with relative paths and compiles the long project-paths. android-studio-2.2 works with absolute paths. Is there a way to tell android-studio-2.2 to work with relative paths? – k3b Nov 3 '16 at 19:46
  • duplicate of stackoverflow.com/questions/33905687/… – k3b Nov 3 '16 at 19:54

A far more simpler way to resolve this issue rather than moving/ creating multiple copies of your application folder:

  1. Create a shortcut of your application folder "TestOTPAppNew"
  2. Move the shortcut to an outside shorter path like C:\Documents\TestOTPAppNew_Shortcut
  3. Put this entry in your main build.gradle

    allprojects {
    **buildDir = "C:\\Documents\\TestOTPAppNew_Shortcut\\${rootProject.name}/${project.name}"**
    repositories {

Rebuild and you are all set!!


Your Error Says that In windows the file path length cannot be longer than 240 characters, so this error message simply means that you've reached the limit. For example:

C:\programs\folder1\folder2\folder3\folder4\folder5 etc..

Try to move it somewhere else, like


and if even that is too long try just extracting it in E:\ directly.

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