I want to pass a numpy array into some(one else's) C++ code via CFFI. Assume I cannot (in any sense) change the C++ code, whose interface is:

double CompactPD_LH(int Nbins, double * DataArray, void * ParamsArray ) {

I pass Nbins as a python integer, ParamsArray as a dict -> structure, but DataArray (shape = 3 x NBins, which needs to be populated from a numpy array, is giving me a headache. (cast_matrix from Why is cffi so much quicker than numpy? isn't helping here :(

Here's one attempt that fails:

from blah import ffi,lib
DataArray=cast_matrix(data,ffi) # see https://stackoverflow.com/questions/23056057/why-is-cffi-so-much-quicker-than-numpy/23058665#23058665

For reference, cast_matrix was:

def cast_matrix(matrix, ffi):
    ap = ffi.new("double* [%d]" % (matrix.shape[0]))
    ptr = ffi.cast("double *", matrix.ctypes.data)
    for i in range(matrix.shape[0]):
        ap[i] = ptr + i*matrix.shape[1]
    return ap 


How to pass a Numpy array into a cffi function and how to get one back out?


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    Well, this cast_matrix function is for an "array of arrays", not a 1D array (double ** vs. double *). I think you just need DataArray = ffi.cast("double *", data.ctypes.data). Make sure data is C-contiguous.
    – user2379410
    Jun 18, 2016 at 9:06
  • Thanks - works! :)
    – jtlz2
    Jun 18, 2016 at 9:59

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Thanks @morningsun!

DataArray = ffi.cast("double *",dd.ctypes.data)


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