in an XML file that uses hyphenated names for XML element Names - i need to convert the xml to JSON so that our webservice project(resteasy) understands the json. i have 1000s of these xml files - i need to find a quick way to automate these conversions.

what library can i use to accomplish this - i tried suggestions here but it didnot help

any suggestions?



<card-transaction xmlns="http://ws.google.com">


    "merchantTransactionId": "${merchantTransactionId}",
    "cardTransactionType": "${cardTransactionType}"

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  • I think this answer may be useful : stackoverflow.com/questions/3618733/… – Peter Tillemans Jun 17 '16 at 15:07
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  • @PeterTillemans :i will try those suggestions! – Narayan Jun 17 '16 at 20:08

One approach (there are many others): XSLT 3.0 defines an XML vocabulary that's essentially a direct representation of the JSON you want to generate. Use XSLT to convert the XML into that vocabulary, then press the button (more literally, invoke the xml-to-json() function).


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