I'm attempting to use a basename with react-router as documented on the react-router docs. This is due to base href being deprecated.

Here is what I have now:

import { Route, Router, useRouterHistory } from 'react-router';
import { createHistory } from 'history';
import { render } from 'react-dom';

var history = useRouterHistory(createHistory)({
  basename: '/subdirectory'

  <Router history={history}>
    <Route path='/' component={App}>
      <Route path='next' component={Next} />

When I go to http://the-url.com/subdirectory the page loads as expected (rendering the App component). However, when going to http://the-url.com/subdirectory/next, I get a 404 error. My nginx config is:

location /subdirectory {
  alias /path/to/index.html;
  index index.html;
  try_files $uri $uri/ /path/to/index.html;
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    Did you find any solution for this? – Jatin Aug 23 '16 at 16:48
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    Did anyone find a solution for this?? – Jeremy Knees Oct 21 '16 at 15:25
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    Any solution for this yet? – stefanil Jan 25 '17 at 11:23

Here is how I managed to get it to work

Set Router basename to your subdirectory like this

<Router basename="/subdirectory">

If you used create-react-app and are building using npm run build you need to set homepage in package.json for the paths to be correct in the production build

homepage: "{http://www.the-url.com/subdirectory}"

For the nginx config, let's assume your index.html is under /path/to/subdirectory/index.html. Then the following should work

location /subdirectory {
    root /path/to;
    try_files $uri $uri/ /subdirectory/index.html;

I solved it by using:

import { Router, useRouterHistory } from 'react-router'
import createBrowserHistory from 'history/lib/createBrowserHistory'

const history = useRouterHistory(createBrowserHistory)({
    basename: '/',

<Router history={history}>

I think the issue was different versions of the history package. react-router@2.2.4 uses history@2.1.2, while history is already at 4.5.1. So make sure you install the correct version of the history package.

  • it works fine on development but still fails in production though – Kanan Farzali May 5 '17 at 11:03

Using BrowserRouter


import { createBrowserHistory } from "history";
export default createBrowserHistory();


import {BrowserRouter as Router} from "react-router-dom";
import history from "helpers/history";

<Router history={history} basename={'/app'}>  

Using Router


import { createBrowserHistory } from "history";
export default createBrowserHistory({ basename: '/app' });


import {Router} from "react-router-dom";
import history from "helpers/history";

<Router history={history}>  

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