I'm trying to download the HTML-String of a page, which has an build in DDOS-denier: On the first access to the page, you have to wait 5 Seconds until you get redirected. The URL itself doesn't change, it seems just to be kindahow build in this URL. Since I don't want to ddos anyway, I'd be fine to wait for 5 seconds, but I can't make it work to get the HTML after. My try is looking like this at the moment (With some testing stuff):

    private async Task<string> GetRawHtmlAsync(HttpClientHandler handler, string threadUrl)
            HttpResponseMessage resp = null;
            var client = new HttpClient(handler);

            resp = await client.GetAsync(threadUrl);
            var result = await resp.Content.ReadAsStringAsync();
            if (result.Contains("This process is automatic. Your browser will redirect to your requested content shortly."))
                return await GetRawHtmlAsync(handler, threadUrl);

            return result;
        catch (WebException ex)
            using (var sr = new StreamReader(ex.Response.GetResponseStream()))
                var tra = ex.Response.ResponseUri;
                var tra2 = ex.Response.Headers.Get("Location");

                var html = sr.ReadToEnd();

        return null;

The HttpClientHandler is created via Factory:

    internal HttpClientHandler Create()
        var handler = new HttpClientHandler()
            AllowAutoRedirect = true,
            CookieContainer = new CookieContainer()

        return handler;

As you can see, I tried to tinker around wih the Cookies, described here: HttpClient Not Saving Cookies. I also tried this approach: http://blog.project-sierra.de/archives/2132 but since there, is no redirect-URL, this doesn't work as well.

Is there a possibility to kindahow wait the 5 seconds out?

Edit: The window is looking like this, not sure if this helps: enter image description here

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    This seems to me like you are trying to circumvent something that these folks put in place to prevent you from doing what you're attempting to do. – Hamilton Lucas Jun 17 '16 at 19:29
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    "I can't make it work" What isn't working? Are you getting an error? What error? Please read How to Ask and how to create a minimal reproducible example. – Heretic Monkey Jun 17 '16 at 19:55
  • Are you sure your kindahow website isn't using AJAX calls in JavaScript to populate the rest of the site after five seconds? Because this doesn't sound like DDoS protection to me. – Alexandru Jun 17 '16 at 20:01
  • @MikeMcCaughan: "Is there a possibility to kindahow wait the 5 seconds out?" Seems a pretty straightforward question to me, no? – Matthias Müller Jun 19 '16 at 18:54

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