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I was running a game's executable file through a disassembler and saw the following instruction:

1090103D: FF 6D 77           jmp         fword ptr [ebx+77h]

I'm used to seeing byte ptr (8-bit), word ptr (16-bit), dword ptr (32-bit) and qword ptr (64-bit) in disassembly dumps.

The term "F-word" has a slightly different meaning to me; does anyone know what it means in this context?

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  • It's unlikely what you're looking at is actually code. Far jumps are pretty much useless in 32-bit user mode code. – Ross Ridge Jun 17 '16 at 22:06
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It is a 48 bit pointer used in a far jump. It indicates it is a jump to a 16 bit segment/selector address with an associated offset address.

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