I had a deployment on my service fabric cluster go wrong; I attempted to delete an application and for some reason, the deletion never seemed to and now the application is stuck in the deleting state, while all my deployments remain. I can't delete or upgrade the application since I get a status of "deleting"

Is there a way to update the status of the application so I can then proceed to delete it (for real) this time?


You'll most likely need to use power shell and execute an application delete that way, I had this issue as well when starting out with service fabric.

For instructions on how to connect to the cluster using powershell click here.

$nodes = Get-ServiceFabricNode

foreach ($node in $nodes)
    $replicas = Get-ServiceFabricDeployedReplica -NodeName $node.NodeName -ApplicationName "fabric:/AppNameHere"

    foreach ($replica in $replicas)
        Remove-ServiceFabricReplica -ForceRemove -NodeName $node.NodeName -PartitionId $replica.PartitionId -ReplicaOrInstanceId $replica.ReplicaOrInstanceId

Deletions that get stuck, in my experience, are often due to the application not honoring cancellation tokens. What kind of application did you deploy?

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