Am using bootgrid-basic to show my data,

<table id="grid-basic"
    class="table table-bordered table-striped table-condensed mb-none">
        <th data-column-id="aa">aa</th>
        <th data-column-id="ss"  data-order="desc">ss</th>
        <th data-column-id="dd">dd</th>
        <th data-column-id="ff">ff</th>
        <th data-column-id="aaa">aaa</th>
        <th data-column-id="aaaaa" >aaaAa</th>

        @foreach($alldata as $data)
            <td><a href="#">{{$data->ss}}</a></td>
            <td><a href="#">ASSSsdf</a></td>

and initialized $("#grid-basic").bootgrid(); in script.

Everything is working fine like search,data ordering ,pagination but those links doesnt see to work.

If i use formatter links work and remaining doesnt work.

formatters: {
              "action": function (column, row)
                  return '<a href=\"/model/' + row.actions + '"\>' +row.actions+ '</a>' ;

A jsfiddle link here :

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There is a parentheses missing in your JS, it should be bootgrid({ and you need to add data-formatter="link" to the th tag of the column you wish to use the formatter on (i.e. the link column).


 <th data-column-id="link" data-formatter="link" >Received</th>



    formatters: {
        "link": function(column, row)
            return "<a href=\"" + + "\">" + + "</a>";

Demo in jsFiddle

P.S. trying using the built in snippet next time, as there is a one click button that allows you to copy the code to the answer section and amend it accordingly.

  • if u see the fiidle i shared , there is a search box, number of records per page functionality. But ur fiddle doest show that. I tried this before. – Mann Jun 18 '16 at 9:40

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