I mam nodemailer Here and my email template Here.

exports.newRegistration = function(user, req){

  var sendPwdReminder = transporter.templateSender(new EmailTemplate(templateDir));

        // setup e-mail data with unicode symbols
    var formattedUrl = url.format({
        protocol: req.protocol,
        host: req.get('host')
    // use template based sender to send a message
        from: '"mydomain.com 👥" <donotreply@mydomain.com>', // sender address
        to: user.Email,
        // EmailTemplate renders html and text but no subject so we need to
        // set it manually either here or in the defaults section of templateSender()
        subject: 'New Account Registration ✔'
    }, {
        username: user.username,
        password: user.password,
        redirectUrl: url.parse(formattedUrl + '/signup/confirm/' + user.Username + '/' + user.Token, true)
    }, function(err, info){
            console.log('Error sending email', err);
            console.log('Password reminder sent');

I have my 3 jade files in my template folder as suggested in the doc. html.jade , text.jade , subject.jade .

My code is working and sending my template to my destination email. However, i am not able to send some variables to my template . Example username, name , email etc. i want to be able to add like

h1 Welcome #{username} 

Please how do i pass the variables to the jade template ? I couldn't find a similar example yet. Any help would be appreciated.


I would rework this a slightly. If you call template.render() first you should be able to get the HTML or text of the email, which you can pass on to nodemailer:

var template = new EmailTemplate(templateDir);
template.render({"username": user.username}, function(err, result) {
    var mailOptions = {};
    transporter.sendMail(mailOptions, function(error, info) {
        // Handle error, etc

In his apparently the only error code it is the way in which you are seeking this variable.

I did exactly what you did and instead of Jade use EJS. Then pull the variable placing <%=variable%> instead of {{variable}}

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