I'm using the quiescent library as my react wrapper. I was wanting to use devcards, and I was sort of hoping it would just work, even thought there isn't really a macro for quiescent like there is for om (i don't really know much about devcards yet).

Anyway, I got it all setup with figwheel and everything, and it's sort of working, but the cards ui is a little wacky:

First, here's what i think is the relative code:

(ns punt.core
  (:require [quiescent.core :as q]
            [quiescent.dom :as d])
  (:require-macros [devcards.core :refer [defcard]]))

(def div1 (d/div {}
                (d/h1 {} "hello")
                (d/p {} "paragraph")
                (d/h2 {} "second header")
                (d/p {} "another paragraph")))

(def div2 (d/div {}
                (d/h1 {} "a better hello")
                (d/p {} "my favorite pargrauph")))

(q/defcomponent vertical-split [left right percentage]
  (d/div {}
        (d/div {:style {:float "left"
                        :width (str percentage "%")
                        :height "400px"}}
        (d/div {:style {:float "right"
                        :width (str (- 100 percentage) "%")
                        :height "400px"}}

(defcard fifty-fifty
  (vertical-split div1 div2 50))

(defcard fifty-fifty
  (vertical-split div1 div2 80))

Now the content of the cards looks how I would expect, but the title bar of each card is extending a little crazy. Actually a picture is more helpful than explaining it, so here you go: What i'm seeing

My diagnosis is that somehow devcards doesn't recognize the html that i made with quiescent, so it just doesn't put it in the card. Then it renders html for some reason, and then the next card is rendered, and i guess the title bar is programmed to extend all the way to the previous card, hence overlapping the stuff I made.

So guess my basic question is how to use quiescent with devcards.


The answer is so simple it's astounding, and it shows my lack of html and css knowledge. By making the container divs use overflow: auto they will expand the card to contain the actual content.

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