I am using Android Studio & using Genymotion as my mobile emulator. Genymotion works fine until I trying to write Arabic characters through switching keyboard & through copy/paste, however my trials failed where the emulator keeps hanging through throwing errors.

How to write Arabic in Genymotion emulator?

  • go to "menu"
  • go to "settings"
  • go to "Language & input"
  • go to "Android Keyboard(AOSP)"
  • go to "Languages"
  • turn off "Use system language"
  • in "Active input methods" you can active any keyboards that you need.

Hope it can help you ...

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Genymotion is not an emulator, it is a virtualization engine. You may want to look at the various UTF encoding settings to ensure internationalization is region compatible.

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  • Hello Dominic, First let me thank you for answering my question however do you know how to set UTF encoding in Genymotion? – Amr Jun 19 '16 at 19:58

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