I am hosting a wordpress site on AWS and am transitioning from http to https. After reading some resources from online I added this line to the wp-config.php file:

define('FORCE_SSL_ADMIN', true);

Now when i try to access the /wp-admin/ page I get the xx.xx.com redirected you too many times. The all of the other pages work, it is only the admin panel that is not working.


It happened to me sometimes. Try checking between which pages the redirect occurs here: redirect-checker.org It will help you understand why it happens

If the problem is about a loop between http://example.com and https://example.com you can try changing homeurl and siteurl to avoid this redirect. You can do this:

  • In you SQL in the wp_options table
  • Putting define('WP_HOME','http://example.com'); define('WP_SITEURL','http://example.com'); in wp-config.php (check here)

Hope it helps


For anyone coming here like me being behind a reverse proxy that handle the SSL stuff, it took me a while but I could find the documentation where it states what has to be done:


It states to add an if in the wp-config:

// in some setups HTTP_X_FORWARDED_PROTO might contain 
// a comma-separated list e.g. http,https
// so check for https existence
if (strpos($_SERVER['HTTP_X_FORWARDED_PROTO'], 'https') !== false)

As I don't like to touch the config (mostly because I forget I touched it) I tried to find a more elegant way of doing it:


I have tried with this plugin and it works.

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    Needed this for DreamHost, very useful. Thanks – Andre M Nov 24 '17 at 17:54

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