I am working HapiJs Restful web service and trying to enable cors so any client even from different domain can consume my services. I tried cors=true in server connection object but didn't work.


Where did you put cors=true? Could you add some code?

Without know exactly where you've put cors = true, this bit of code may help you:

server.connection({ routes: { cors: true } })

Or try adding the allowed cors in the config section of your route.

    config: {
        cors: {
            origin: ['*'],
            additionalHeaders: ['cache-control', 'x-requested-with']

Take a look at this question: hapi.js Cors Pre-flight not returning Access-Control-Allow-Origin header

  • // Create a server with a host and port var server = new Hapi.Server(); //server connection settings server.connection({ host: '', port: process.env.PORT || 8080, routes: { cors:true, files: { relativeTo: path.resolve('.', 'build') } } }); – Gunjan Kumar Jun 19 '16 at 22:22
  • 2
    The cors:truewas all it needed. Thanks! Here's the complete connection config: server.connection({ port: +process.env.PORT || 5000, host: '', routes: { cors: true } }); – robro Jul 22 '17 at 9:47

Addition to @James111's answer,

Even if that answer doesn't work for you. check for additional Auth headers that you are sending.

In my case it was X_AUTH_TOKEN, so in additionalHeaders you might want to add your custom header as well.


additionalHeaders: ['cache-control', 'x-requested-with', 'X_AUTH_TOKEN']

I found workaround, that works in Hapi 18. Please instal hapi-cors plugin, set correct localhost port and then setup plugin:

const start = async function () {
  try {
    await server.register({
      plugin: require('hapi-cors'),
      options: {
        origins: ['http://localhost:4200']
    await server.start();
    console.log('server started');
  } catch (err) {


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