I'm trying to create an Asp.Net Core RC2 site running on a Raspberry Pi 3 using Windows IoT.

I found the following tutorial: https://www.hackster.io/iddi/windows-10-iot-core-publish-asp-net-web-application-d9dcd4

But this is for RC1. So is there already a tutorial for RC2, did anybody do so already?

And the Second question is, can you debug an asp.net core site on Windows IoT?

Thanks for your help.

Greetings Markus

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As far I know, it's not supported yet.

Like @davidfowl said:

This isn't on the roadmap for 1.0 as for future plans I can't say for sure when.

Please follow RC2 for Windows IoT (aspnet/Home #1531) issue on GitHub.


Win10 IoT is mentioned in ASP.NET Core v1.1.0 Planning #1685:

WebListener server (for Service Fabric & public-facing ready self-host without reverse proxy and Windows 10 IoT/UWP support)

However I'm not sure what this mean ?

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