I have the following Highcharts (http://www.highcharts.com) scatter chart. Note that the axes start at -10 and stop at 10, with 0 in the middle. I want each 0 line to be a different width or color from all the others. Should be easy but I can't find in the API documentation how to do. All I can find is how to change properties for all lines. Has anyone done this or have suggestions?

Outside of the API I looked into using Javascript (specifically jQuery) to update the element's style but the only specific part (d) I could easily use to find which line to update isn't always the same. The element looks like.....

<path stroke-width="10" opacity="1" stroke="#D8D8D8" d="M 293.5 72 L 293.5 502" fill="none"></path>


Scatter Chart


You can implement plotLines. Check this out.

In yAxis, I have set a green line at value of 70.

In xAxis, I have set a blue line at value of 170.

You may play around with the color and width as well.

  • Works fantastic and easy. Perfect, thank you very much. Speedy too. Jun 20 '16 at 2:10

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