I'm learning DirectX 11 and have reached basic HLSL part. I want to use multiple constant buffers in vertex shader, so I need to find the correct StartSlot for VSSetConstantBuffers. I searched on Google and found that someone suggested using GetResourceBindingDescByName.

I tried GetResourceBindingDescByName, but found that it can only get the correct StartSlot for the first cbuffer. For example, in my vertex shader:

cbuffer Test1
    float4 a;

cbuffer Test2
    float4 b;

Now GetResourceBindingDescByName("Test1", &bind_desc) works correctly, but GetResourceBindingDescByName("Test2", &bind_desc) will fail (return E_INVAILDARG).

Could anyone help me?

  • Does b is used in your shader ? It may have been striped by the optimisation. – galop1n Jun 20 '16 at 19:10
  • Thank you. I just use a in my shader. I add a reference to b in my shader code and the problem is solved. Can you answer this question so that I can mark it as the answer for this question? – delphifirst Jun 21 '16 at 1:38

The reflection only contains symbols use by a shader. As confirmed in the comments, b was not use, and the problem is solve once b is referenced in the code and not strip away by an optimisation.

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