In Symfony 2.7, I have an entity called Task against which I have persisted 5 entries in the database with the following fields: ID, TaskName, Date

Now I want to set weights to these entries using a separate entity called Weights (obviously using relationships) the new weights class would have these fields:- ID, TaskID (Foreign Key), WeightValue

And the rendered form should show all 5 entries of Task type in a twig template and then a text box against each entry to enter weight values like this:-

Task1 [txtbox]
Task2 [txtbox]
.... [SUBMIT]

And when I submit the form all these values should be validated and persisted to the database in Weights table with a related value in TaskID column as a relationship. What could be the best way to do it?



Why exactly does Weight have to be a relationship and not just a new property of task? Please see Doctrine Best Practices.

Just create a FormType for Tag containing both the name and weight and persist everything in the Tag-entity as you would normally. See the cookbook for a good example.

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