I am getting the following error - code “Error: The ‘Connection String’ argument cannot be null or empty.” when running the MSDeploy. When I examined the SetParameters.xml file I noticed the following parameter settings.

<setParameter name="ApplicationServices-Deployment Connection String" value="" /> 
<setParameter name="MusicStoreEntities-Deployment Connection String" value="" /> 

I am not the one who developed this package and I am not sure what the arguments should be.

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This is happening because you are not providing a value for the destination connection string for a database, even though you are deploying it to a remote server.

  1. Double-click Properties for your WAP
  2. Click Package/Publish SQL
  3. Click a database in Database Entries
  4. Scroll down and provide a valid connection string in Database Entry Details > Connection string for destination database

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